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A pedophile's theme song? Yes.

 There's a song that makes me angrier than a piece of poop in a bucket of chlorine.  That song?  Itty Bitty Pretty One.  Numerous artists have performed it, but this performance by Frankie Lyon is my favorite.  You can see the White dancers look around awkwardly when they saw the performer was black.

But that's not the point of this brief post.

I truly believe that this song is a pedophile's theme song, all because of a few simple words:

"I've been watching you grow."

Not to mention "sit on my knee."

I'm not the only one who feels this way.  It took two seconds for me to find this thread, as well as this thread, and I am certain there many others who have called out this song as being perverted and a song perfect for pedos.

It was amusing to me that the White dancers were so underwhelmed that the director stopped taking shots of them and focused on the so-called "artist."  This girl's facial expressions say it all.

Having been in the industry, when shots of the audience aren't happening, I know something's wrong, or something right with me.  They never should have had a colored boy on the show.

Yes, some White sheep were clapping before they put a dancing nigger before them, but the shots of the young ladies' facial expressions say it all for me.  Some boys should have just stayed on the plantation.

 How can anyone listen to this song and find it acceptable?