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TikTok: Dangerous?

 It seems like every week that another trend or challenge floats around TikTok.  Some of these challenges injure or even kill.  So it is with a 12-year-old girl.  One Milagros Soto was found deceased in her home after she took part in a choking game.

Soto played the game which has players choke themselves and pass out.  She was found just hanging around in her home.  She is not the only one to lose her life by playing these games.  But here's the thing:

Soto was 12.  She was old enough to know better.  I'm not saying that she deserved it, but she should have known better.  I can't feel sorry for her based on that fact.

Apparently, Soto was "bullied" at school.  Still, she was clearly old enough to steer clear of a challenge that involves life-threatening stunts.  I mean was she raised?

I don't participate in challenges.  That's because I'm 45 and I know better than to be a sheep. 

So, is TikTok dangerous?  I contend that it is, even though stupid is as stupid does.  To people who are wise, it's an entertaining site with creations by creative people.  And no one dies.  I think TokTok should do better.