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If you don't like it, leave it

When Elon Musk finally took over Twitter last week after paying $44,000,000,000, chaos ensued.  Lots people, from the lowly serfs to the highest celebrities and figures, have started crying and soiling their diapers over the changes that he has made.

He fired his C-suite people, which of course is his right.  He restructured the business so that he's the sole director and, obviously, he fired the board of directors.  And now to the parts that are angering so many people.  In addition to Twitter's already-existing subscription service Twitter Blue, which costs a mere $8.00 a month,

Musk intends to charge $20 a month for verified status.  This has led to outrage, mostly from people who think they're owed everything.  As for me, I use Twitter Blue, and I fully intend to avail myself of the verification privilege, because I understand that life is not for free and that I should pull my own weight as it were.

Musk has gone a rampage, firing people left and right.  Guess what?  That's his right as the sole director.  He can fire whomever he pleases and he can do so for any non-discriminatory reason, given that California is an at-will state.  He even set it up so that they'll get paid for three months.

People are leaving Twitter in protest, seemingly thinking that Twitter will fall to shambles without their presence.  Here's the thing: Twitter is a service and if you don't like it, you can simply leave it.  

Twitter is not a right and if you don't like what's cooking in the kitchen, then perhaps you should go back to kindergarten and have the teacher make you some orange juice while you cry your childish eyes out.