Monday, November 22, 2021

You can't change the truth

 Recently, I settled in and turned on my television to watch my favorite game show, Jeopardy!  To my  horror, I saw something that no doubt was considered groundbreaking for the game show: they welcomed a tranny as a contestant! Sure, she wasn't the first tranny, but the fact that they'd allow this nonsense twice is appalling.

Yup, a tranny!  Some would say they are "transgender," but I say that they're either a transgender or a transvestite, or for short, a tranny.  Not a good thing to see happen.  It's their right to allow such an atrocity to appear in their show, but it's my right to say it's disgusting!  Anything for ratings, I presume.

Trannies aren't really much of anything in my book, except for arrogant, disgusting and downright evil.  Look, they can use medical science to deny their true genders, but not even the best doctor can override God's plan for us.

They can deny it all day long, but whatever gender they were born into is it.  To toy with the gender that God intended for us is slapping Him in the face and it shows Him a complete lack of gratitude.  You can wear your precious rainbow pins, fly the flag, etc.  

But in the final analysis, science will never prevail and the trannies will one day be held to account.