Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Would you want to survive?

 There are a lot of scary things going on these days when it comes to the possibility of an all-out nuclear confrontation between the USA and Russia, China, North Korea or whomever else.  Or, hell, they could all hit us at once!

There is a lot of talk about fallout shelters (some pay handsomely) and food storage and so forth.  On the surface, that is prudent thinking and wise planning.  

But I would like to pose a question: whether you resurface after the two-week minimum, a month, six months a year or more, is what you'll be confronted with something that you would want to deal with, or would you go to what would be the best ground zero and be vaporized?

 Keeping in mind that I'm no authority on the matter, I will list the reasons that I would much prefer vaporization over being a "survivalist."

Whether it be two weeks, or two years, sooner or later, I'm going to have to emerge, assuming I have access to a shelter.  Even the wealthiest survivalists buried several hundred feet underground are, one day, going to have to emerge from their precious hidey holes. 

What kind of world would await me, or that matter, you or anyone else?

  • People will be killing one another for a measly slice of bread.  
  • The water supply will be tainted because the treatment plants will be
  • obliterated.  This means cholera and perhaps death merely from taking a simple sip of water.  And where will humans' waste go?  More illness.
  • The banking system will have collapsed.  Money will be worthless.  The wealthiest snob will be reduced to the same level as a lowly peasant.
  • The internet and computers in general will be useless.  The power grid would have been compromised to a permanent end.
  • The law would mean nothing.  People will be killing one another just because they can.  Police officers would become impotent.

The list goes on and on, but the central point is that sure, I could survive.  But why the hell would I seek after such pain and suffering, knowing the poverty and gnashing of teeth that would await me?