Tuesday, November 2, 2021

They have only themselves to blame!

There so many news stories these days that present NYPD and NYFP first responders as victims, because they're out of a job.  This because they refuse to do the decent and honorable thing: take the COVID vaccine.  

It just boggles the mind that some people are so psychotic that they not only refuse to get the shot, but that are putting their families' financial well-being at stake.  

Pretty soon, they'll run out of funds.  And then they'll have to justify willingly take food of their wives' and children's tables and sooner or later the landlord or mortage lender will call and when they find out that the reason that these miscreants are out of work of their own free will.

At some point, their wives will find themselves looking for a man who will actually care about his wife and children and who got the vaccine.  There really is no valid reason to do so.  Before that, she'll want to be with a decent man, not a monster who put his psychotic beliefs above his own family.

And not to be crude, but sooner rather than later, those wives are bound to go to bed with her husband's own colleagues, those who got the shot.

These lowlife anti-vaccers need only look in the mirror to see who's responsible for putting themselves ou of a job.