Sunday, October 31, 2021

Justice MUST be done!

I normally don't write blog posts that could benefit a convicted murderer as pertains to protests, help get his or her sob story out there, and so forth.  But Julius Jones, set to die by lethal injection later in November, has plenty of that going on.

In 1999, Jones was convicted of murdering a businessman who had a family. Jones' fate was sealed as the result of a jury of his peers finding him guilty.  Jones took a page out of O.J. Simpson's book and swore the real killer is still out there.  Every morning when he looks in the mirror, Jones sees that killer.

As a last-minute stunt, Jones is getting a clemency hearing tomorrow.  If there is any justice in our country, especially Oklahoma tomorrow, his little stunt will bear no fruit.

Look, Jones is nothing more than little ghetto boy, and as such, his death will be of no consequence.  Basically, I really don't care if he did it or not.  One less "homie" on the streets is never a bad thing, now is it?

If all goes well, Jones will die on November 18.  The clemency hearing is his last chance for freedom as the US Supreme Court has cleared Jones' lawful and justified execution.

I believe in the right to life.  But as with any rules, there are exceptions.  For example, I believe that abortion is murder and there is no justification whatsoever to have or pay for an abortion. That's the rule.

But there is an exception.  A big one in this case.

When someone does the evil deeds that Jones did, and convicts before him for that matter, the he has knowingly and willingly given permission for him to be put down.

Julius Jones was found guilty.  Whether he really did it or not is of no consequence.  The jury has spoken and it's time for Jones to face the music.