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If you don't like it, leave it

When Elon Musk finally took over Twitter last week after paying $44,000,000,000, chaos ensued.  Lots people, from the lowly serfs to the highest celebrities and figures, have started crying and soiling their diapers over the changes that he has made. He fired his C-suite people, which of course is his right.  He restructured the business so that he's the sole director and, obviously, he fired the board of directors .  And now to the parts that are angering so many people.  In addition to Twitter's already-existing subscription service Twitter Blue , which costs a mere $8.00 a month,

Not around here!

 I'm given to understand that Election Day is coming and much like a virgin, it's coming fast.  This is just to clarify that this website is politics free, just as it's free from content pertaining to sports and, for the most part, religion. Anyway,  I'm not qualified to write about such things anyway as I've never voted in my life.  So if you're looking for something like that from me, keep looking.

It shouldn't be!

 The time has come in New York state for marijuana to be legal.  Some people are growing the stuff .  And it's disgusting!   Indeed, marijuana is evil and appalling and so is anyone who uses it!  There is no valid reason for it to become legal.  It should always remain illegal with those using it being put in prison for, say, ten years with a felony conviction that will follow them for the rest of their days.

Appalling and Anger-Inducing

Way back in the late 1980's, I heard a song called Mormon Rap , which as the title suggests, puts the beliefs of the Mormon religion to rap.  Now, in that song, Donny and Marie were referenced.  As a child, I had no idea who these people were, so after I heard that song at s church activity, I went to my mother and asked who, exactly, these people were. In response, my mother broke out a CD that had a song called A Little Country, A Little Bit Rock n' Roll .  As near as I could tell, his sister was a little bit country and he was a a little bit rock n' roll.  I didn't care for that song, not one bit.  I took the CD, looked at it and yelled, "Burn it!  Send it to Outer Darkness !"