Friday, August 20, 2021

Show in Jeopardy!?

Oh, the news alerts that filled my iPhone overnight.  Turns out that newly-minted host Mike Richards will NOT be taking the helm at Jeopardy!  He was my pick as he was the only guest host who had any personality.

Why is this happening, given that they had to start shooting this past Wednesday if they're going to keep the same lead time.  So now what, besides the childish whining on Twitter and Reddit?  Who knows?  They have to start shooting ASAP.

Why is this happening?  Because of comments he seems to have made a long time ago.  Those comments allegedly involve comments he made about women, Jews and poor people, and other folks.

I don't mind the comments that he made.  It's all old news.  But leave it to anonymous cowards on the Internet to ruin his life.  The comments didn't hurt anyone!

The Anti-Defamation League is one of the groups causing problems.  I've tangled with the likes of them before; when I confronted a so-called "Holocaust survivor" in 1997.  They're so sensitive.

Myim Bialik isn't being treated like Richards, even though she was exposed as an ainti-vaxxer in 2012.

The question now is: when does taping start?